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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  September 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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phone. >> i can't say enough about how heartbreaking it is to see that something as simple as a piece of property or a cell phone will cause someone the type of injury and grief that these three individuals have caused the family. they will live with for the rest of their life. >> reporter: it appears people had the attackers in custody even before he was found on that capitol hill porch. >> the same three suspects were arrested following a robbery that same night and charged with robbery. it was an armed robbery. they were released pretrial and now are being charged with this armed robbery. >> reporter: police released this video after the assault believe one of the men shone was using -- shown was using maslin's credit card. the chief offered few details
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wednesday night. >> there's very little we can talk about right now. i'm not going to comment on that at this point. i can't comment on that. no. i really can't comment on that. >> reporter: to be fair to the chief, the lawyers told her to shut up about the details in the case until they file charging documents in court. it should tell us more probably later today. three suspects in the case age 17 to 21. the two adults are from suburban maryland. the man accused of murdering a mother of three in wheaton is in the hospital after attempting to kill himself as well. 31-year-old man jumped off a nine-story hotel in miami yesterday. last saturday police were called to an apartment complex in wheaton for a domestic disturbance. when they got there, they found the woman's body. the three children slept through their mother's murder. friends and neighbors are still in shock after finding out a herndon family of four was found dead inside their
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home. people who knew the petersons gathered at the united med dis church for a vigil. 57-year-old albert peterson shot his wife, his to sons and then himself. counselors were at westfield high school where 16-year-old matthew was a student. his 13-year-old brother christopher was an eighth grader at rachel carson middle school. union members yesterday agreed to reject the latest contract offer from the utility company pepco. pepco says it will not affect service. they asked the d.c. public service commission for a rate hike which would have added about $5 to the average monthly bill. the commission approved a hike which will add only about $2.60 to the bill. it is 4:32 now. the race for the white house undecided voters are the ones getting all the attention now
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in campaign 2012. with a little over a month left to go until the election, president obama and mitt romney are doing everything they can to put more supporters in the respective camps. >> today both men will campaign in virginia. they're trying to earn the commonwealth's 13 electoral votes. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: president obama and mitt romney are following each other from one battleground state to another. on wednesday ohio was their target. >> you probably are aware that there's an election going on right now in ohio. >> i believe you're going to help me win ohio, i'll tell you that. >> reporter: today it's a quick flight to virginia for rallies there. >> we're a compassionate people. >> reporter: on wednesday romney tried to convey a more empathetic candidate. >> we have people who are hurting. we have people who are disabled and people who are poor. they need our help and they receive our help. we're a charitable people. >> reporter: recent polls show romney trailing the president on the question of which candidate cares about my needs. but time is running out for governor romney to change
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voters' minds. early voting is under way in about two dozen states. it starts today in iowa and next week in ohio. that has both campaigns stepping up their advertising in key swing states. >> we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare. >> reporter: romney has released a new 60-second ad talking about the struggles of average americans. but president obama has outspent mitt romney on tv ads and the attacks have resonated with voters like republican libby hill. >> he really doesn't know the common man. >> reporter: the latest poll shows president obama with a ten-point lead over romney in ohio. and cbs has decided to move the state from undecided to leans obama which would leave the president just 15 electoral votes shy of the 270 needed to win. major tourist attractions are closed, flights are grounded, cruise ships are docked all in athens, greece. thousands of greek workers took
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part in a general strike wednesday. they're all rallying against government spending cuts and tax hikes. police had to use tear gas when this of the protests became violent. egyptian president morsi addressed the general assembly for the first time. he addressed the war in syria. >> we have more on the address and the protest against iran's president. >> reporter: egypt's newly elected president praised his country's revolution during his first appearance at the u.n. general assembly. >> today every egyptian shares a sense of self-confidence. >> reporter: he called for the world to step in to end the violence in syria. >> we all have to move the world over to put an end to this tragedy. it is a tragedy of the age. >> reporter: iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad challenged the dominance of world powers in his final address at u.n.
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the united states and israel have pledged to do what they must to prevent tehran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> continued threats by the uncivilized -- [indiscernible] -- to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear example of this bitter reality. >> reporter: u.s. and israeli leaders chose not to attend mahmoud ahmadinejad's speech here at the u.n. in part because it occurred on rom kippur, one of the holiest days on the jewish calendar. demonstrators protested ahmadinejad's appearance. >> he again does not represent iran at all. >> reporter: iranian americans from across the country joined the protest. >> we send a message that the people of iran stand for democracy, human rights, nonnuclear iran. >> reporter: during his speech, ahmadinejad did not directly address his country's nuclear program, but he did y his nation was committed to peace.
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cbs news at the united nations. at 4:36, here's a look at some other things making news now. extreme -- [indiscernible] -- is speaking out how he survived a weekend avalanche in the himalayans which killed at least eight people. the california dare devil says he feels like one of the luckiest people in the world but he's heart broken he couldn't save two friends who are still missing. a wall of snow swept about a thousand feet down the mountain. on friday investigators are going to dig up some cement at a home in michigan to search for this man. jimmy hoffa's remains. for 37 years the nation has wondered what happened to the union leader. police got a tip from what they say is a credible source saying there was a body buried there about the same time he disappeared. and radar has confirmed something is buried beneath the
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slab. the washington monument is likely to stay closed till 2014. a contractor has been chose ton repair the damage caused by last year's earthquake. the 9.6 million contract was awarded to the same company that built the ronald reagan building. scaffolding is expected to go up within the next two months. it is 4:38 now. we're in for another warm day. a few peeks of sun, too. howard has the weather first in two minutes and talks about possible thunderstorms as well. we all know about the game angry birds. prepare yourself for bad piggies. more on that at 4:42. >> women who snore during pregnancy are at risk for a potentially deadly condition later in life. the findings of a new study at 4:51. >> we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now.
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welcome back. 4:40 on this thursday morning. muggy out there. we've got the humidity up. north of town we're watching a few showers and thunderstorms early. we'll see those past by and probably see a few more late this afternoon into the evening hours. may hold off through the evening rush with some luck. highs will be on the warm side up in the low 80s here in d.c. 70s north. mid-80s south. monika? in silver spring north of the beltway, university boulevard at dennis avenue, an accident with a couple of poles down blocking university boulevard in both directions there. you want to watch out for that activity. i'll have more coming up in my next report at 4:47. back to you. 4:41. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> i always watch the numbers when i get home and i forgot to yesterday so what's happened? >> they weren't great but we've got a new report out this morning that could very well influence how wall street is going to do later today and revealing how the u.s. economy is growing.
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investors will also find out how many americans are filing for first time unemployment benefits. yesterday wall street did hit a bump in the road when protests over wage cuts in greece pushed down stocks worldwide. there are concerns that the recession in europe could very well influence the global economy. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 13,413 after dropping 44 points. the nasdaq closed 24 points lower and the s&p 500 was down by 8. the american greetings corporation may soon be sending out a thank you card. a group of investors led by the company's c.e.o. wants to buy the greeting card maker and take it private. the deal would involve about $580 million but the company's board still has to approve it. mcdonald's putting something new on the menu. television. the fast food giant is releasing the m channel, m like mcdonald's in restaurants that features news, sports and entertainment but the satellite feed will not be the same
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everywhere you go. some mcdonald's will have local programming as well. it's only being shown in a handful of stores now but could expand nationwide within the next 18 months. the people who brought you the wildly popular angry birds have a new app. your kids have probably been talking about it for weeks. it's called bad piggies. while the angry birds destroy things, the piggies are builders. the angry birds franchise made more than $100 million last year alone. my kid has been talking about the upcoming release of bad piggies for weeks now. >> you go, piggies. >> weeks. >> it kind of offsets the story about maybe a lack of bacon coming around. >> we've got that, piggies. >> they're builders. >> oh, my goodness. thanks, jess. federal health regulators approved a new, more natural looking option when it comes to breast augmentation surgery. >> we'll have more on that as well as your weather first when we return in two minutes. ♪
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grz good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 4:45 on this thursday morning heading into the weekend. what should we expect? >> well, a little bit of a wet time here and there. not going to be a constant rain. i think better chances will shift south over time. with a little luck, saturday may just work out all right if front can nudge far enough south. it will be dry almost everywhere. tonight's game, you have a chance of some showers and storms coming through. i think maybe more so the first half than the second half. with a lot of luck it will hold off till after the game is over. here's a look at our bus stop forecast on this thursday morning. we've got some showers out there right now north of town. if anybody is going to see showers over the next few hours, it will be areas along and north of 70 and 68 in western maryland as well. maybe parts of west virginia. temperatures, though, they're in the 60s. maybe a rain jacket but you won't need a jacket to keep you warm. it is going to be a warm day. average highs in the mid-70s. we'll make the low 80s, maybe mid-#s on down -- mid-80s down
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toward fredricksburg before the day is out. partly sunny skies at least at noon. mostly cloudy at 4:00. at 8:00 p.m. that's when we could have a few showers and storms across the area, especially west of town with temperatures back to 75 degrees. this morning all the action has been up north. southern pennsylvania, western maryland, parts of the west virginia panhandle and areas to our north as i said generally along and north of interstate 70, although you do see in upper montgomery county now, western howard, we have a few showers and storms which have snuck in here just between damascus and north of laytonsville now. lisbon, this is 70 coming in toward ellicott city in a little while. north of that from mount airy toward westminster, some heavy rain, some thunderstorm action going on here extending into baltimore county as well. back toward thurmont, you still have some rain, even hagueerstown but the heavy stuff is well east of you, east of route 15. temperatures are running into the 60s everywhere except for garrett county which is in the middle 50s at 55.
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easton is 68. culpeper down to 61, one of our cooler spots. gaithersburg at 63. bowie a much milder morning over there than it has been the last few mornings with the temperature there running about 65. outside on our michael & son weather camera, quiet in northwest d.c. we're looking toward virginia toward the west, southwest right now. 69 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. no wind to speak of and the humidity at 81%. one thing i want to point out, there's a boundary here. you can see it from southern new england snaking back toward the mississippi valley. a little twist in the clouds coming through southern indiana and kentucky. that will lift the boundary north so i think much of today is dry. as this gets closer, that's what's going to enhance the shower or thunderstorm chance late this afternoon into the evening hours. that's why we're a little concerned if you have evening plans that there could be a little bit of wet weather, maybe a thunderstorm like the ravens game in baltimore tonight. 82 degrees this afternoon with a late thunderstorm once we get rid of the morning stuff. tonight back in the 60s, maybe
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a few upper 50s north and west. upper 70s tomorrow with a chance of a few showers in the afternoon. isolated showers mainly south on saturday. only around 70 sunday. chance of a shower 74. here comes monika with timesaver traffic. good morning. there is one issue i wanted to let you know about. that's north of the beltway near four corners. right here at university boulevard at dennis avenue. we'll take a live look there from our traffic cameras. quiet in the intersection itself just outside of this camera shot, university boulevard is shut down both directions at dennis avenue. you'll have to follow police direction. a car hit a pole and actually brought two poles down so it may take some time to clean that one up. let's go back over to our maps this time to the south side of town. if you're planning to head over to the southbound side of 27 on over to frederick, no issues to clarksburg. looking good on 255 and great seneca highway. and a live look at the american legion bridge between bethesda and tysons. all lanes are open.
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no issues to report on the west side of town. i'll be back with more at 4:55. new research may some day help scientists predict which patients will suffer ereck till dysfunction -- erectile dysfunction after radiation. 12 genetic markers have been found associated with this cancer. researchers in boston have found two categories of multiple sclerosis patients. they looked at key molecules from the blood cells of ms patients and found one group has a higher risk of relapse. scientists say this could lead to more personalized treatments. women who begin snoring during pregnancy may be at risk for high blood pressure. a university of michigan study looked at more than 1700 women and found about 25% started snoring frequently during pregnancy. that doubled their risk for high blood pressure. researchers show that --
4:51 am
research, rather, shows high blood pressure during pregnancy is associated with smaller babies and higher risk of preterm births. 4:51 now. the fda gave the green light to a new and improved breast implant. >> a number of women are lining up to try something different. we have a report from new york. >> reporter: professional body builder air yet take works hard to look like this. in order to look her best in competition, she's going under the knife for a third breast implant surgery. >> when i lean down, you can really see that these are implants and i would prefer to have more of a natural finish. >> reporter: the 40-year-old mother of three says this time she's trying the new fda approved breast implants. doctors say the new cutting edge implants give women a better option. >> less chance of breast implant rupture. less chance of rippling which you can see with saline and sometimes with silicone. this looks very natural, slopes
4:52 am
down. >> reporter:dr. michael fiorillo said the so-called gummy implants look and feel more natural and are likely to maintain their shape over time. >> it was coined the term gummy bear because it has the consistency of a bumy bear. >> reporter: breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgical procedure women have in the united states with more than 300,000 operations each year. the surgery costs between $7,000 to $12,000. the risks are minimal and include bleeding and infection. jones arietta believes the surgery will give her the results she's been looking for. >> i'm hoping for a more natural ok and feel. >> reporter: that will help build confidence for her when she competes. >> this type of breast implant has been around for about five years, but the food and drug administration just approved them in the united states in march. just about 4:53. time for the question of the
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morning. >> the question is most men and women say this is the number one turn off when dating. is it a, rude or bad manners, b, bad breath, c, being married? >> log on to our facebook fan page. leave what you think is the answer. we'll have the answer to the quiz in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back.
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well can back. 4:-- welcome back. 4:556789 we've been watching some showers and thunderstorms north of town of the they're still rumbling along in areas, especially moving in toward caroll county out of frederick county. we'll watch that area lift up toward pennsylvania. however, late this afternoon and evening, more showers and storms are likely to move in from the west. we'll see some sunshine today climbing into the low 80s here in d.c. again with the late chance after shower or thunderstorm. 79 at 5:00.
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monika? there are no problems on route 50 coming in from the east near the severn river as you head for the beltway and through cheverly in the northeast corridor. an accident up in four corners blocks university boulevard at dennis avenue. i'll have more on that coming up at 5:01. >> see you in a bit. thank you. how long have you been with your current company? one local man chances are has you beat by a long shot. listen to this. he was honored wednesday for 70 years of military and civil service. he joined the navy in 1942, worked as a junior radio aircraft inspector in philadelphia. now he's in washington where he overseas billions of dollars as the associate director of small business. to honor his seven decades of service, the navy yard took a little time to officially recognize his commitment and his work ethic. he doesn't plan on retiring any time soon. get this. he's going to celebrate his 90th birthday next month. a group in switzerland said
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leonardo da vinci paid two upon that lisas and the one hanging in paris is a copy. the group says today it will prove da vinci painted their version first, at least 11 or 12 years before the one we all know. the swiss consortia says their painting is a little larger, has brighter colors and was painted on canvas. but the posture, itself folded hands and the smile are all similar. ♪ oh, it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> he provided the sound track of the 1960's and '70s. singer andy williams died yesterday after a year long battle with bladder cancer. he was 84. williams got his first big break as a sing other steve allen's tonight show. he eventually got his own show which lasted nine years. as you saw, guests included big names like tony benefit, ray
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charles and andy williams first introduced thes on mondays to awed --s on mondays -- osmonds to audiences. he continued performing till just a few months before his death. director tim burton puts his twist on the frankenstein movie with his version frankenweanie. >> reporter: just in time for halloween, a boy named victor frankenstein brings his dog back to life in tim burton's new animated horror comedy frankenweanie. but things start to go wrong. the black and white 3-d movie is based on a short film burton did back in 1984. he tells me the story came from his own childhood. >> the first relationship you have with a pet, like a first love, you know. it's so unconditional.
4:59 am
somehow the frankenstein story and the wish fulfillment of bringing something back just made a very clear connection to me. >> reporter: martin short and katherine o'hara each voice three characters in the fill be, -- film. including one called weird girl. >> it's trying to tell us something. >> he's not threatened by any ideas. >> reporter: did you have a favorite? >> burger meister because it was so odd. >> i read the script and i laughed and i realized that this is something tim has wanted to make for three decades. >> reporter: frankenweanie gets unleashed on october 5. teresa garcia,


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